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BDA Members' Favorite Hiking / Woods Walk Spots

Updated: Jan 22, 2020


  • Boston (Roslindale): Allendale Woods - it's not a real hike but it's walking distance! -Ann-ka L

  • Boston: Stony Brook Reservation - nice in the summer when not too busy as it has a dock in turtle pond after a short walk. You can do a quick nature walk or add some length and consider it a very very easy hike. Officially on leash though few abide by it - Lara S

  • Boston (JP): Arboretum - The arboretum in JP/ Roslindale is a great spot for on leash walking. So much nature to see, a path through the trees, a path alongside a small waterfall, cherry blossoms in the spring. Great little place -Sarah B-W

  • Hanson / Halifax: Burrage Pond Wildlife Sanctuary - it’s not a hike per say since it’s an old cranberry bog. But it’s easy to avoid others if you have a somewhat reactive dog like mine. My favorite place to walk. - Elena C

  • Carlisle: Great Brook Farm - One of our favorite places to go is Great Brook Farms in Carlisle as it is right down the road from us. They have a bunch of nice trails to go through. - Ashley S

  • Danvers: Endicott Park -Angela Marie L

  • Andover: Harold Parker State Forest -Angela Marie L

  • West Roxbury: Millennium Park - is a great little place. Multiple levels, trails in the woods, a water source for dogs to swim. There are ALOT of off leash dogs, some not trained so well. So if your dog is DA maybe not the best place for you. -Sarah B-W

  • Lowell: State Forest - I absolutely LOVE the state forest in Lowell, MA. It has so many trails, a stream coursing through the woods, swamps, hills, rocks, cute wooden bridges. I love this place because it is very seldom that me and my dogs run into anyone else. It's so big and there are so many trails to take, you almost never run into anyone else. It's my favorite place. -Sarah B-W

  • Easton: Borderlands -Jaclyn M

  • Westwood: Hale -Jaclyn M

  • Sutton: Purgatory Chasm -Jaclyn M

  • Princeton: Wachusett -Jaclyn M

  • Douglas: Douglas State Forest -Jaclyn M

  • Weston: Cat Rock Park -Angela Marie L

  • Hingham: Wompatuck State Park -Victoria E

  • Wayland: Hamlen Woods has lovely trails -Adi B

  • Wayland: Heard Farm - off leash -Lara S

  • Framingham: Callahan State Park -Winnie C

  • Dover: Noanet Woodlands -Winnie C

  • Stoneham: Middlesex Fells -Winnie C

  • Waltham: Prospect Hill -Winnie C

  • Waltham: Beaver Brook North -Blue A

  • Hingham: Stodders Neck -Winnie C

  • Lynn: Lynn Woods -Winnie C

  • Walpole: Rocky Woods - Great visitor center, 5 ponds, flat or hilly depending on trail, beavers and officially off leash encouraged -Kim M

  • Lexington: Whipple Hill -Blue A

  • Arlington: Menotomy Rocks Park - is nice, but its not very big and might be too busy for a reactive dog -Blue A

  • Stoneham: Spot Pond Brook Historic Trail -Lauren I

  • Lincoln: Mt Misery -off leash -Julie A

  • Wellesley: Elm Bank -Julie A

  • Lancaster: Cook Conservation Area- Miles loves swimming in the river, and there’s a Kimball’s right down the street -Becky K C

  • Bolton / Harvard: Bower's Springs -Becky K C

  • Stow: Stow Town Forest -Becky K C

  • Stow: Delaney Wildlife Management Area -Dan F

  • Northborough: Carney Park- which is close to the Westborough Tractor Supply, which has a great dog wash area! -Becky K C

  • Gloucester: Tompson Street Reservation - off leash -Lillie R

  • Gloucester: Ravenswood -off leash -Julie A // beautiful granite all over the place and great scrambling opportunities for dogs and people -Lillie R

New Hampshire

  • Anywhere in the Whites! -Darby R

  • Amherst: Joe English Reserve - Lots of easy trails that can be hiked anytime of year. (just bring snowshoes for snow and spikes for ice). And it's all off-leash friendly! -Darby R

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