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What to do with a Small Dog?

Anything! When I first got Teddy, I figured I had an indoor lap dog - and trust me he's a lap dog! However, Teddy (4 year old shih tzu bichon mix) loves getting out and about exploring. Although he may not be a big dog so some activities may be more difficult with him, we do plenty. He loves agility and will readily jump through hoops.  He's taken classes at a variety of facilities outside of Boston.  It's also easy to go on road trips - a visit to Bar Harbor Maine is perfect for a small dog. In Bar Harbor, there are plenty of restaurants with outdoor seating so he can join us. We went on a  horse and buggy tour around Acadia National Park and Teddy joined us. In addition,  we went on a schooner boat tour and he had fun with that as well. The only challenge I have experienced not in Bar Harbor but at the Plymouth Waterfront Festival was it was too crowded so people didn't see him. At crowded events, I have a habit of carrying him but my father helped solve that and bought him a doggy stroller!  The best part with a small dog is easy travel he flew with me 4 round trip flights in the past year so the places to explore are endless!

-Alyson G, BDA member

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